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22 March 2014 @ 02:44 pm
Just received but a little loose for me.
Selling at original price $26.90
Additional $1 for normal postage, $2.25 for reg postage. Meetups might be possible in West/Town area.


SHOPSKINNED Leatherette Zip Skirt (M)

Length: 16 inch Waist : 14 inch
More images here

Willing to trade for a size S!

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03 May 2012 @ 08:12 pm

Spree ends 6 MAY, no capping, no second payment! :) Items take approx a month to arrive!

Many many pretty exclusive items! Come check them out now :)

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More evidences that I'm legit

29 April 2012 @ 10:24 am
Wildfox, Topshop, F21, galaxy, baseball jackets, etc :o!

Spree ends 6 MAY, no capping, no second payment! :)

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More evidences that I'm legit
02 March 2009 @ 05:41 am

Tag only if you've a tagboard. Do not tag if you've banned me!!!! >:(
You can tag more than once, but please be considerate and not spam my entire tagboard, else I'll delete and ban.

01 March 2009 @ 05:30 am
Hi all, if we've dealt successfully before (be it who's the seller/buyer) or we've traded item/s before, please do leave me a feedback in the following format:

Name/LJ nick:
Item/s of transaction:
Comments (if any):

Thanks for your time! :) :)
01 March 2009 @ 12:49 am
Go... going... GONE!!!
Thanks to everyone who bought from me/traded with me! :D


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01 February 2009 @ 11:33 am
People whom I do not wish to deal with again (so do not comment on my selling post if you're on this list):
  • http://oppa--saranghae.blogspot.com (Janice Lim,  jlim177@yahoo.com) ---> DO NOT EVER DEAL WITH HER

One of the worst buyers I've came across. She enquired about 2 pairs of my jeans, and asked if I could give her a ridiculous $6 discount (i.e. $14 for 2 pairs of jeans). I rejected the offer, and said I could only offer at most $2 discount as my jeans are either brand new or only worn once in great condition. She decided to take only one pair at $10. She then asked for meetups, and said she's living in the East. So I compromised and suggested to meet somewhere central like Cityhall. Today 14 Jun 10) since I was travelling to Tampines, I asked if it'd be more convenient to meet her there. She told me Tampines is TOO FAR and whether I could meet at PAYA LEBAR (I believe she lives around that area). Wth it's only a few stops away and I'm already meeting you in the East, what more do you want? So I gave in and agreed to meet at Paya Lebar MRT. At 12PM+ I told her I'll reach slightly later at about 1.20PM (we agreed to meet at 1.10PM), and she replied with "Yeah okie." When I reached Paya Lebar MRT and texted her, she TOLD ME SHE DROPPED HER WALLET SO SHE CANNOT MEET ME ANYMORE. W.T.F??!?!? If you knew you dropped your wallet, then shouldn't you have the decency to at least inform me earlier?!?!?! I agreed to alight at Paya Lebar SPECIALLY to meet her, yet she didn't turn up, and didn't even bother to inform me in advance?!?!? It was only when I texted her then she gave me that rubbish excuse. As a blogshop owner you should know how things work. When I texted back asking if she still wants the item, she said, "see how first. cos i'm travelling overseas tmr." In the first place I tried to meet her today because she told me she needs it by today, else she won't want it anymore. AND I KEPT TO MY WORD, I tried my best to meet her, MOREOVER AT HER CONVENIENCE. And this is what I get?!?!? WTF!!!!! Seriously please get a life?!?!??! I had to bring the jeans all around with me for the entire day thanks to you!!! She wasted so much of my time and SMS-es!!!!! URGH!!!!


  • http://bangmoneyshit.blogspot.com (Lynn, f.cukyourass@hotmail.com)

She changed our meetup time for more than 5 times, and she'd only inform me about half an hour prior to our previously agreed meetup time. She was the one who initiated the trade, yet I was travelling to her convenience (CCK), and meeting at a time of her convenience too. Time after time she kept on cancelling the meetup last min. Her SMS replies were slightly rude too (e.g. "sorry can't leh"). The item that I traded with her has slight defects too - slightly torn at the armpit area, when she claimed it was brand new. She's been blacklisted by other blogshops too.


  •  http://www.thshopping-stop.blogspot.com (A&J, thshopping.stop@gmail.com)
Commented twice on my selling post. First time she asked for pics and measurements of my black & white checkered top and trades for it. I enquired about measurements and real pics of the item that I was interested in their blogshop, yet they didn't provide me with any. After many rounds of exchange of emails, I thought we were going to confirm the deal. That's when they mentioned about topping up of prices, and they would only do meetups on the purple line. When I first replied their emails they didn't mention anything about topping up, so I had thought we were doing pure swap. Moreover, they initiated the trade, shouldn't they be meeting at my convenience (if they had even bothered reading my T&Cs), or at least try to compromise? But nope, I had wasted so much time replying their mails yet no deal was sealed. Second time they commented on my selling post again (I had decided to give chances), they expressed interest in many of my items. When I told them one of the items was pending, they stopped replying me. Stop wasting my time!! They've been blacklisted by many other blogshops too!